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Computer Diagnostics

Cars today are the safest and most fuel-efficient they have ever been. All of your vehicle's great features are controlled by an onboard computer. We have the tools and capabilities to diagnose, repair, and maintain your high-tech vehicle.

Car Repair and Maintenance

Suspension & Alignments

If your vehicle feels like it is pulling to the left or right, or you feel a vibration or bumpiness in your ride, this could create unsafe driving conditions for you. We have the proper tools to ensure your vehicle runs smoothly.

Car Mechanic

Scheduled Maintenance

Did you know that you do not have to go to the dealer for scheduled maintenance, even if it is under warranty? Avoid dealer prices by bringing your vehicle to us for regularly scheduled maintenance.


Tire Replacement

Tires & Tire Repairs

Whether you have a nail in your tire, or need four new ones, give us a call. We offer competitive pricing against some big box tire stores.

Car Brake


If your brakes are grinding, squeaking, or crunching, these are some warning sounds you should not ignore. Call us to get your brakes serviced today.

AC Repair

Air Conditioning

No one likes a hot car. If you don't feel cold air blowing out of your A/C vents, schedule an appointment for an inexpensive A/C repair today.

Keeping Your Vehicle Running Reliably

Need one of our services? Give us a call today and schedule an appointment with one of our ASE certified technicians.
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